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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
this is an adult journal, and the content is largely going to be about my sex life. in fact, it is almost entirely about my sex life. it is recommended that individuals below the age of majority go elsewhere. it is strongly suggested that people who don't like the word fuck (as a noun, verb or expletive interjection) go fuck themselves.

i should point out that i identify—societally, socially and politically—as a gay man. in truth, i am a bisexual man with almost exclusively male/male sexual habits. i do have sexual feelings and experiences with women, but at a much lower rate than those with men.

the intent is to find a literary expression to what is both a personal and political activity: my sex life. in that, i hope to learn and to engage others about my life choices (the homo part is not a choice; the sexual part is), to the benefit of my writing and the expression of my political and religious convictions.

i try not to be evil. i am occasionally cruel, but never without warrant; i mock and heap abuse on those who would destroy my life and the lives of people like me. if they don't like my fucking life, they should stay out of my fucking life.

more will undoubtedly follow.
i have seen the lowercase universe, and it is mine (i adopted it from a fellow live-journaler). i'm not a precious e e cummings, i just forget where the shift key is. don't be distressed: my fourth grade teacher said it was ok, as long as i know i'm doing it.

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this journal is largely friends-only as of july 2006. i hated making that change, but that's how it is.
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